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Thread: Vector Art.

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    Vector Art.

    Just thought I would check and see if anybody likes this. Link:

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    Hi bluefern,

    I presume you're asking for feedback? The figure is OK-ish, but if you want to get better, here are some points to look for:

    1. The vector figure looks very awkward against the pixel background
    2. Various parts (dress strap, glass rim...) are too roughly drawn to feel comfortable
    3. Glass colour is too muddy - make it more transparent/use a different colour
    4. Hair colours are too harsh next to skin tones
    5. Girl's neck has too much detail -- looks too old for her face
    6. Hand should be larger and look a little less "porky" - nail is definitely too small

    Re-reading the above points, they seem kind of negative. If you are just starting out on doing vector drawings, this isn't bad...General thing is, watch proportions, exaggerate a little if it seems necessary, choose colours carefully...


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    Vector Art.

    Thanks goliard.

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