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Thread: sojofoto.com is finally finished. please check.

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    sojofoto.com is finally finished. please check.


    I'm just waiting for the client to get me the pictures she wants in the headshots gallery. But everything else is done.

    If people could check my site on different browsers and platforms, and let me know if anthing is wrong that would be great. Also, i put a flash detect/redirect script in, so if someone witthout flash could try to go to my site and let me know if the redirect works as its supposed to that would be helpful.

    If people could try out the galleries, and switching between sections, and let me know if there are any bugs that would be great.

    What do you think about the load times, animation smoothness, etc...

    I am open to suggestions, but unless its a very easy change I'll probably just leave the site as is. The client is very happy witth the site.

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    No one wants to comment?

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    You traveled a long road with this site didn't you?

    I think it looks very decent and the eye for detail is there.

    Alltho I think the weakest points are as you refer to the loading times and 'slow' animations.

    The backgroundpattern is trendy but not erally adding, in fact rather distracting friom the site's content.

    Overall good job. And don't be so indesicive(sp?) next time

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    nice layout

    i love the lay out...

    i think the menu item "contact" needs to go over to the right by a point... maybe its just my eyes tho... speed up the animationa a bit.. i am on a 56k so everything loads slow for me.. but i noticed that when one section is loading the menu is locked... is that on purpose?? and i would use the same fonts that are in the menu as much as i could.. i think they would look cleaner then the ones you have now... believe me i know about having blurry fonts... i have declared war on em... anyway my wife loved it.. so i think that women will love it in general.. she really like the background so i might keep it if your target audience are women...

    i love yall

    yo main man lenny

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