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Thread: Site Check : James Law Firm

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    Site Check : James Law Firm

    I appreciate your time to give feedback to the site.


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    website feedback

    Add some brackets or something to break up the words at the bottom of the picture. (HomeFirm Overview Practice Areas Attorney Profiles Resources Contact)

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    I would think that the law firm would be quite pleased with your product. I pondered about the font, Times New Roman, whilst the legal field is quite traditional, and the font tends to add weight to that traditional feel, I could not help wanting to see something more modern. That is just a personal opinion.
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    Why did you do the navigation seperate from the flash and why did you use all seperate movies? I think the site would be much more effective if you fix those problems. It just doesnt have a very good visual impact when the flash is finished loading and your still waiting for the navigtion to load. Not bad looking at all some of the animations feel very slow though and kind of rough you might take a look at that also.
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    I don't know why you used flash at all. Your site really does not use it all that much and imo doesn't really need it. I wouldn't have done this site in flash... again, it doesn't need it and if you do it in html you will have better rank in search engines.

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