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Thread: need help with animating stick figure

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    need help with animating stick figure

    Hello every Body...

    Does any body know any thing about stick figure animation...?
    I don't know if I should use Motion tweens.. or Shape tweens.. or should I convert parts of the body to Symbols.. for example between the anckle and the knee, that would be one Symbol and so on..

    if any body has any experience with that .. i would apreciate your help



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    You have two choices!

    Well, there are two ways of animating your stick figure using two different tweening methods!.

    This uses a shape tween and means that instead of having joints as such, instead the limbs bend and curve! Seeing as you are just using lines, shape tween is very easy. Each limb needs its own layer on the stage.

    This uses a motion tween! As you suggested, you need to create movie clips, or at least groups for the upper and lower parts of each limb! You just set them to pivot at the joints (use modify/transform/edit centre ) You then give each movie clip a layer on the main stage and tween each piece individually.

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    heres summat i whipped up

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