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Thread: winking smiling face...

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    winking smiling face...

    how do you make a character wink?!? I'm trying to get a smiling face to wink... but when the tween happenes it gets all retarted...

    any ideas would be greatly apreciated



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    same boat before

    Hi Erica,

    I attached a VERY short example here for you. If you were to look at the source file, you will notice that I did not use any tweening at all. You see, I made the wink as a straight line (slightly bended actually) and put it in the 20th frame and the actual wink only lasted for 2 frame of a second. So when you published the animation, it will looked like you have a wink. Sometimes it takes a little bit of imagination and calculation for example how long do you want the character to do something ie. wink or wave? I hope you get the idea.

    As for whether to use tweening for animation, I can tell you that MOST of the animators in this board DID not use tweening. I can say small or even depending on your animation and what effect you want to achieve.

    Hope that helps
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    You can also download some open fla flash files of animated characters on my website: www.gbillustration.nl
    in the download section

    Maybe that will be of some help...


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    Trying to tween facial movements just ends in disaster. Tweening by its very nature creates mechanical movement - try anything complex or natural and the computer runs into a brick wall.

    Like 24fps said, use frame-by-frame techniques instead. The smile you might be able to get away with tweening on (if the mouth is just depicted by a straight line or something), but the eye should be drawn by hand (or mouse, or stylus... you get the idea).

    Start with the eye open, then draw it winking. Now add frames showing the inbetween motion. Keep adding mid-points until you have an effect you're happy with. If you need it to go slower, hold each drawing for 2 frames, or add more drawings to slow it down.

    If you're having problems animating, I sincerely recommend that you get a couple of animation manuals/instructional books to help you out - especially if animation's something you intend to focus on.

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    thanks guys

    thank you guys.. what you said made sence...no tween.. frame by frame

    does that apply to a whole body? well a stick figure really.. I have a stick figure that I want to animate.. I posted a question today... but might as well you guys since you know what your doing

    should I do it frame by frame as well?

    gbillustration I've been on your web site before... really good stuff!


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