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Thread: voltage design lab

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    voltage design lab

    Just a small site for a designer based in Virginia.


    Still working on it

    and- my own site is in pretty bad shape, and i am in the process of a redesign--


    please-post your thoughts!

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    First of all I REALLY like the button logo design when you first go to the Voltage site. It's very nice.

    That said I think it needs a little work in general. I didn't realise for a while that that great logo (which may flicker a little too much) was a button. I thought it was a preloader. It's possible for someone to stare at it and then assume it's taking too long to load without knowing that's a button.

    The site has a good design to it, I like the circles, but maybe you could incorperate a little more Flash animations? Just a thought.

    Good luck!
    -Space Chicken
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