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Thread: SMax - Scrolling Menus w/ down arrow?

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    SMax - Scrolling Menus w/ down arrow?

    Okay, I know how to do this w/ html- but Im retraining myself to know how to mimick every aspect of html w/ swishmax, for presentation and efficientcy.

    Visit this Example Site

    Towards the bottom-right of the site, underneath the big flash banner is an HTML form list with scroll keys. The items on this list are housing destinations... cant miss it, its labeled "Click Below to find your home"

    This list structure is what I want to mimic in SMax. An area I can designate on my nav menus, that I can store a large amount of links (in list form) in a small amount of area, that users can scroll down without ever having to leave the main page (just as shown in the example site). Any tutorials on how I can accomplish this?

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    Heres the swi im working with... this is an early prototype.. but its the basic structure of what I want to do. I need a scroll List

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    here's an example of a scroller with links (just one of several ways to do it):
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