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Thread: Problem importing .swf to Flash - ignores sprites made in Swish

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    Problem importing .swf to Flash - ignores sprites made in Swish


    I have been spending the last 3 days trying to work out this problem and any help I can get would be greatly appreciated.

    Ultimately what I am trying to do is take a .swf file (large one - 20 minutes) created in Swish and convert into a format that can be burned onto a DVD (using iDVD) and played through a DVD player. The format I believe I have to convert the .swf file to is Quicktime as iDVD will recognize this.

    What I've tried ..

    FIRST I tried this-
    Swish allows you to export to .avi which I tried (to then convert to quicktime and input into idvd) BUT because the file is so large (it's about a 20 minute flash movie) it was locking up my system).

    Second I tried this -
    I have Final cut Pro which I've never used before. It will import a .swf file and output it to quicktime which works except it doesn't keep the music in there and I have no idea how to add the music back in in FCP.

    Lastly I've tried this which is why I'm asking this question ..
    I imported the .swf into Flash 6. It has two problems - first it doesn't keep the sound (which I can fix by just adding it back in in Flash) but second, it does not recognize the sprites I have in the file. I have two sprites and Flash just ignores them ...

    Any idea how i can get around this problem of Flash ignoring the sprites?

    Thanks very much!
    Sorry if this was longwinded.


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    Unfortunately flash does a very bad job of importing swf's

    Swish does better,,,most of the time....

    As it seems you won't be doing any actions (making it a dvd movie)

    Have you thought about....

    exporting your movie as an avi instead of an swf.

    If you do........

    Make sure your root level has enough frames

    Because sprites have independent timelines they
    may actually have more frames then the root scene level

    On export
    swish reads the amount of frames in the root level to create the

    ergo add a few frames to the end of your scene by inserting
    a goto next scene when you feel that scene is complete
    or a stop at the end of your final scene a few frames further down.


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    Dear Frets,

    Thanks for the reply. I tried exporting it to .avi however it kept locking up on my system ... it would get about half way through and then lock up and stop responding. It did this on two different systems - one which was pretty fast (512 megs ram). Kept saying not enough Windows Virutal memory. I was never able to fully export it.

    Do you think it was having problems because of the sprites and not having enough frames?


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