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Thread: Buying KoolMoves (Part 2)

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    Buying KoolMoves (Part 2)

    Hello again. I've been trying to work with Koolmoves but since it's my first Flash Program i hardly know how to make movement and things...
    However, I still thinking about buying the full version.
    My question is simple. Do i get a Manual who'll teach me how to work with the program?..
    Manual (little book) who will explain each thing what he does and so on...?
    if not, how can i learn?

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    Simple Animation Tut

    This is rather simple...
    For right now it is hands on learning.
    No paper wasted on books, fancy boxes, nor special offer coupons.
    If you want to learn the basics, refer to the help file.
    If you do not have the help file, it is most likely in the 2nd
    package with the examples.
    The help file covers the basics of basics.

    For a simple animation, draw a shape in KM...
    Then, add a copy of frame by clicking the + symbol.
    Finaly, click the > [play arrow], select play in browser.

    There are other tutorials on KoolMoves,
    Just search the net or this forum.

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    Did you not see the tutorials on this page?

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    The Helpfile is extensive. It has also been translated to several languages. It is built in as HTML help and as PDF off the tutorial page.

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