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Thread: Background color change frame to frame?

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    Background color change frame to frame?


    Can the background color be changed from one frame to the next, or does it have to be one color for the whole movie?

    What are the minimum requirements to run KoolMoves?

    My 400Mhz box is straining, with only 128Mb ram.

    What is desirable - besides the latest, greatest machine?



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    Start a new movie with a new color?

    P.S. Would I have to start a new movie with a different background color and somehow stitch them together?

    How do you do THAT??

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    You could change the background color with a shape placed on the bottom of the stack using Views>>list of shapes.

    At work I have a 450Mhz with 128megs of ram and it does ok. The video card is 4megs. i wouldn't go below that.
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    I have run Koolmoves in as slow as a 350 Mhz AMD K-6 machine with 64 MB of Memory running Windowa 98. I have also sucesfully run Koolmoves in Linux, under Wine, with a 800 MHZ Via C3 Ezera procesor with 128 MB of Memory.

    Now I have had problems running Koolmoves, well actually everything not just Koolmoves, on a AMD Athlon XP 2000 with 128 MB ram. If you are running XP then I don't reccomend running, well anything, with less than 256 MB of memory.

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