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Thread: new site

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    new site

    Hey Guys wanted some comments on a new page I am working on.lots of the content is just thrown in i didn't want to get ahead of my self just incase the reviews are bad..


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    The "enter here" link is the wrong font. Wierd that it goes from cool and classic in the loading sequence to bevelled ta hell, its also really slow on my comp for some reason, sorry i cant review it more, its really really slow.......i cant bare to wait for it to load

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    I agree a little slow took a minute to load. Add a preloader if your site is going to be large. I think the overall artwork isnt bad. its fairly smooth which means high frame rate(good) I would look into a better navigation the one you have eats up way too much space and is hard to read. While we are on use of space lose the enormous bevels. I would like to see more of the background to tell you the truth. I liked what I could see of it before those giant windows came in. A skip intro button would be swell. Also remember that there is a fine line between inspiration and duplication.

    Transitions, Portfolio section, and background(before giant windows come in)

    Others will probably see what I see.

    Good luck
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    sorry about the slow speed i have the site running on a old server at home p133 128 ram and a 2g harddrive that realy chugs . also i'm on a basic cable service 25k upload band width the file is only 400k. any way just b4 you guys made the comments i was thinking that the beveling was to big i will thin it out. its funny that you wrote eightamrock. my site has a lot of the ideas of yours has yet i have never seen it b4 kool eh.... , im just not quite as artistic as you. .

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