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Thread: n00b at game making

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    n00b at game making

    Hey, I am new at making games and stuff. Basically the only scripting I know how to do is move a symbol in diferrent directions using the arrow keys. The next thing I plan on learning is how to add gravity and such to make a character jump, and take out the up directionals for walking (kind of like a platform game thing)

    After I am planning on making my first game a platformer. Would that be one too hard to start it with? I am not sure. If anyone suggests I start out with some other game type, maybe something easier, it would help a bunch if you could post.

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    I'd suggest something simple like PONG. Well it's not simple for nOObies, but it gives you an idea of how to do basic AI, maths, scoring, and stuff like that.

    But if you don't know much actionscript, check out the tutorials section here at flashkit. There you will find a scrolling space thingo from David Doull

    btw: why have this thread if you have made up your mind that your gona do a platformer already?

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