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Thread: Text flipped in swish

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    Text flipped in swish

    I write a normal text in swishmax and when export the flipped text coming out. Please tell me what can be the problem. Please find attached the swish and swf file.
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    there are a couple of different situations that can cause such symptoms.

    To correctly diagnose the problem, you need to contact SWiSHzone Support by lodging a support call here -
    [url=http://support.swishzone.com/support.asp?redir=no]SWiSHzone Support Base[/url

    They will need...

    If you are a licenced user....

    1)the email address registered for your licence
    2)your build date of SWiSH (look under 'Help - About SWiSH')
    3)attach a zip file containing the .swf AND the .swi of a small sample movie (it must have both image and text) to the call.

    If you are a trial user....

    1)tell them so.
    2)The Site Code displayed on the unlock dialogue (it displays every time you open the trial installation)
    3)your build date of SWiSH (look under 'Help About SWiSH')
    4)a small sample movie as described above, containing an image and text. Zip both .swi and .swf files and attach the zip file to the call.
    From David Petley of swishzone support

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