If you go to www.riggedproductions.com

There is a scroller on the following sections of the site:
The home page, about bobby, film/video, other media, employer info.

However, that scroller will not function unless you have Flash version 7. I need to have a scroller that supports other versions of flash.

I have made it a little easy on you:

Going to that site will lead you to two .zip files.

One is a riggedproductions.zip file. This includes my website as a .fla. The other is a scrollbars.zip file that includes 3 scroll bars that I found online. One is a .fla file of a scrollbar that I KNOW works with older versions of flash. The other two are media component files and I have no way of knowing if they will work with older versions of flash.

Other than that, I'd love to make this site work on more people's computers. Some people's browser crashes. I'd be willing to lose the flashy transitions in between each section to help this problem. So, if someone can go in there and take out the transitions and the code and check the code and make sure we're doing everything to not crash browsers that'd be great.

I am offering a whopping $15 for your services. It's not much. But, I'm terribly poor.

Email: Bobby@riggedproductions.com