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Thread: Removing levels?

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    I have a movie where Im duplicating 4 mc's with the Duplicate Movie Clip Property:

    Duplicate Movie Clip ("/menu_4/link2", "link2-1", i)

    The depth I am using is a variable I created called "i"

    I set "i" to equal 1 initially and then everytime my mc duplicates it set the variable "i" to i + 1. This way each mc is on top of one another.

    Here's my problem, I want to somehow reset all this by gettting back to level 1 when a button is pressed. Is there a way to remove levels? Maybe a loop that removes all my newly named mc's until "i" = 1??? I dont know. Any suggestions would be great.

    Also what happen when the smae mc gets duplicated twice? As in the code above, I name the newly duplicated mc "link2-1". Is the next one also called the same thing but only on a different level?

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    maybe set a variable to make an extra count every time a new clip is loaded, then when the button is pressed it takes this figure away from i, not sure -variables is not my strong point

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