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Thread: 3D graph with perspective ?

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    3D graph with perspective ?

    Pals - anyone know if there's a utility to generate 3D swf bar graphs, but not shown from the 'standard' viewpoint? I'm putting some media together in Director & want to make the graphs look a bit better than the norm, taken from a viewpoint above, looking down, if makes sense. Oh, and growing over time would be great too!
    thanks all...

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    i'd say do it in actionscript or swift3d (www.erain.com)
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    Hi EdT,
    Sounds like you could use MX3D a 3D engine/API for flash MX.

    The code is open source and there are examples going up here
    If you have sound turn it up for this one.
    The file is only 17kb so this is NOT one of those wait for ever downloads.

    I have put together a quick example of a graph ... I used a combination of face types for the bars. The .swf file is only 9.6 kb and you have a full VR First person Camera and heaps more. Though you may only want to use it as a stationary Camera.

    If you think this could be what you need I can give you a hand with the ins and outs of MX3D.


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