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Thread: Franchising in Europe Flash Site

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    Franchising in Europe Flash Site


    look at : www.franchising-in-europe.info

    It is my first flash site.

    Give me your opinion !!!


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    Hey men! Zery good for a first one...
    Color gamma is too monotonous - hard to see - hard to read.
    Alot of space without any purpose (that picture with dices). Painfully reminds 2advanced.com...
    When I hit "mute" button it means I don't want to hear neither music nor any sounds...
    Overall itsGood!
    world[i] = new world();

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    pretty neat,

    one thing, at the start when the map of europe appears, im expecting something to happen, not immediatly obvious to click on your language of choice,

    maybe its just me

    good for a first go


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    euhmm... well i like the site...

    i do think the music is ... one too loud... and two... well too scary, it seems it would fit in a horror site but not really on a business site....

    other wise... looks okay... fast loading... nice designed out layout... seems okay
    Cannot comprehend this site still exists

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    well music is earie but..it adds to the cool flash effect when you click buttons ..and the buttons are cool

    but for business purpouses....loose the music lol

    good site...

    im just not that fond of so many pictures of dice..?
    could you possibley put something else up like another picture of
    something else?


    good interface..

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