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Thread: Asian Pixel Fonts?

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    Asian Pixel Fonts?

    Does anyone know where I can find ANY asian character pixel fonts for flash? I have a project for the asia/pacific region and need track some down.

    I know chinese is probably out of the question, but japanese/korean??


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    Hmmm... I've looked specifically for Japanese as well but have never found any. Well, I have found some katakana pixel fonts, and I may have even seen a hiragana pixel font as well, but as far as kanji goes, nope.

    If you click the "alias text" button in the text properties area in MX2k4, regular ttf fonts look decent though, in case a full set Japanese pixel font doesn't exist.

    Thinking about it though, that would be some work to make. The Japanese character set is something around 7,000 glyphs!

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