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Thread: New kind of battle?

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    Lightbulb New kind of battle?

    I was struck by an idea from a recent assignment that I think could apply to Photoshop Battles. Currently we all work off of our various stock photographs in order to come up with the images that we produce. This leaves us with such open-ended visual possibilities that we're truly only limited by our imaginations, but I think that it's easier to find an image that says what you want to say than to take something completely out of context via Photoshop and use it to represent something else entirely. How would we use a standard, limited set of images to represent something else? How would it vary from artist to artist? This is where I'm coming from for this proposal. I was thinking about posting something like 15 images from my photography collection (on my personal site) and giving a theme for an open battle. The artist would not be able to incorporate anything but those 15 images, various textures, and brushes to represent this theme. They would not have to use all of the images, just one or more if they so choose. We wouldn't have to work off of each other, like using the previous submittal and altering that, because all of the images being used are standardized already. After every five finished pieces submitted I'll change the theme. For the first three sets we'll have the same 15 images, and the next three sets someone else can post new images, etc. Would anyone be interested in this? I think this makes a Photoshop Battle much harder and much more artistically interesting. Let me know and I'll post the image specs along with the first set of stock photographs to be used.

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    I like this idea really, it stimulates more creative juices and also the volleys can come up faster.

    I heard of the contest Iron Flash, where each team were given a set of symbols and they had to come up with something scricly made out of them.
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    i would really enjoy a battle like this. i like these types of battles because they are not in 'tennis' format. meaning, you don't have to wait for the previous person in order to respond. i love the tennis battles, but sometimes i get sick of waiting for people. plus, you are limited by their designs a little bit.

    i want to start a fill this monthly battle here. basically someone posts 1 image, and everyone 'fills it' with something. it's a little simpler than what you are talking about, but there is a lot of freedom. you can also post as many times as you want, and whenever you want as well. i first saw the idea at 12 stone. check out their august fill this

    i'll get one going for October.

    hopefully these types of open contests will bring some people back into the arena...it's been so dead!

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