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Thread: basic color tween

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    basic color tween

    im trying to create a basic color tween in flashMX.

    i was told to change the tint in my properties bar, but i cant find it .

    when i open my properties window nothing shows tint.. what am i doing wrong?

    please help.

    thank you

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    Click the keyframe on the timeline, then the object (which must be a symbol) on stage... In the properties you should then see a Color box, Tint is in that dropdown...

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    have you made the object you want to color tween into a movieclip.

    If you have and you select the movieclip you should be able to see the color menu from where you can choose tint..see attached image.

    You can also color tween shapes with the shape tween. Give the shape one color in one frame and a different color in another frame. then add the shape tween.
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