I'm wanting to create a menu area similar to an effect I saw on CMT (Country Music Television). The effect would consist of five or six images. When the site is loaded one image would show and then when a link is clicked a new image would take its place. Only it goes about doing this in sort of "pushing" the other image out of the window and starting at the top. I know this is poorly described! I'm sorry....

Say I had two images. and i sectioned each of those into five slices horizontally. the second would start pushing the top slice of the first one out of the window, then the next, etc.

Does anyone know what sort of codeing I would need to set that up? The problem I can think of is that I want it to load from the same side each time. Could I come up with an actionscript so that it goes through a process of where I come up with several different movies, and depending on which link was clicked it would play that movie?

Thanks so much for any help you may have on this problem!