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Thread: layout and interspersing of dynamic and input fields on the fly

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    layout and interspersing of dynamic and input fields on the fly

    I have an interesting layout/DB problem in Flash that I don't know how to solve:

    I need to dynamically create a list of fill-in-the-blank questions. The text will be dynamically created using variable(s) from a DB, and the input boxes for fill-in-the-blank will appear at various places in each sentence, in-line. Once the submit button is hit, the contents of the input boxes will be sent back to the DB.

    For example, if the fill-in exercise is:
    "The United States is _______ miles from the moon."
    - the text string "The United States" is a variable that will come from the DB (and could be the name of whatever country the user selected as the topic for the exercises)
    - the input box would go where the underscores are

    Some background:
    I am using Flash MX 2004 Pro *but* I have to publish for Flash Player 6 and lower

    *Can* I do this on the fly? And if so, how?

    Thanks so much in advance for any help.

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    It will be very hard to place the textbox dynamically and also change its size depending on the length of the answer. Much easier if you have a separate textbox on the side that the user fills in OR have them just write in the textfield where the question is. To detect the correct answer you can use the indexOf() function.

    if (textfieldName.indexOf("234567") > 1){
    // Correct action here
    // No completely wrong!! action here

    ...or use the variable with the corrext answer.....

    if (textfieldName.indexOf(variableFromDB) > 1){

    ...should also work.

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