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Thread: why wont my the FLASH files i made on a mac open on my pc? same flash version (mx)

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    why wont my the FLASH files i made on a mac open on my pc? same flash version (mx)

    I went to a web design company and made loads of cool flash websites and learnt stuff with them - but of course all architects and website designers all use stupid macs, well, they are not stupid, but they have bad incompatibility

    when i go to view them on my pc, it says unknown file format when they have the flash icon and are called fla. the swf of the files also plays! help!

    do i have to convert them or something? or can i turn my working swf files back into fla files as an option?


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    On a MAC you don't need the extension to open an fla file. Make sure the file is named whatever.fla to open it on your PC. Also check on the MACs the file was not saved as an MX2004 file (flash7), if you have only MX (flash6) on your PC.


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    To open a Mac .fla on a PC, it needs to be zipped up...

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    Sometimes, I got an fla with a header of 0x80 bytes. I assume it is possible a Mac stuff.

    I just delete those 0x80 byte headers. Let the file start with

    D0 CF 11 E0 A1 B1 1A E1

    and then my PC gets rid of the "unexpected file format" error message.

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