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Thread: RTL languages

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    RTL languages

    Here is the thing; me and some guys have build stuff in flash.

    Next we had to make whatever we had developed international (or better multinational since it needed to be distributed in a few countries). Some of these countries used exotic characters and which we could solve with codepages (and since a short while with the so called unicode support).

    No problem so far...

    HOWEVER now countries with exotic formats have shown interest.
    By browsing around i learned that RTL languages are a bit problematic.

    Since i dont feel like reinventing everything from scratch and im pretty sure you guys have lots of knowledge, my questions are:

    -What do i need to know?
    -What are the best practices?
    -How about other more exotic formats (Bottom to Top)?


    PS im working with
    -dynamic texts (mostly from XML)
    -Static text
    -Third party MovieClips (the third party should be able to make RTL movies pretty easy)

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    hi, i had a very similar question yesterday. thread is here.
    nobody replied, but here's what i learned from searching other sites: flash does not support RTL languages (arabic - hebrew - persian - urdu) but it will display the text in a very accurate order from LEFT TO RIGHT
    only way around this as far as i know is to reverse the text direction.
    i've attached a sample file that someone did for me on another forum. i had no luck with it, but then i'm not very experienced in this. i hope it works for you.
    here are some links discussing the same topic:
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