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Thread: a sound issue

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    a sound issue


    i have encountered a weird sound issue: i have a website with 5 different SWF files. there is one HTML file (with the first flash file embedded in it..) from which i load the other SWF's. one of the SWF files have some mp.3's in it, exported for actionscript, and called upon by a user's click of a button.
    here is the problem: if i open that swf file that contain the sounds through its own HTML page (the one that is made by publishing it), everything works perfectly. however, if i open that file through the root swf, from them main HTML file, sound doesnt work.

    does anyone know what to do here ?

    id appreciate it a lot,


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    I gather you're using soudObjects...

    Try adding this to your soundObjects' definitions and it should work fine...

    my_sound1 = new Sound(this);

    Hiya Mickbrit55 !

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    hi again,

    actually, im not using sound objects. ive exported the mp3's from the library directly to actionscript, and called them using behaviour--> sounds--> load mp3 from library.

    the website im talking about is


    go to box#9 (the one with the feet). then to box#7 (the one with the music G clef). then try to click box 1, 2 or 3 (the 3 top ones). not a sound... while if i run the SWF file of that page by itself, it plays great.

    thanx again for your help,


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