ok i have a few problems...

frist.. i did this tutrial, http://www.tutorio.com/tutorial/simp...photogallery/1 everything worked fine.. but i have a large number of pictures and a small space for the thumbnails. so i want it to move to the left or right depanding on where the mouse is.. any ideas?


i want it to show a loading thing when it is loading.. also any ideas please help i been pulling my hair out trying to figure it out..

btw i was given this cose for the roll over but unsure where to put it or how to use it...

midy = thumbnails._height/2;
friction = 10
this.onEnterFrame = function() {
var distance = _root._ymouse-midy;
_x += (distance*friction);

... http://www.3dattic.com/3dattic.html (click the picture frame and u can see waht im talking about still working on all of it)

frist flash project sorry for being a n00b :x