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Thread: Preloaders...umm..how do they work?

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    There are several different ways to make a preloader. It all depends on which approach you want to take. There a ways to gather a percentage w/o using scripting, just by totaling your frames and dividing. Your best bet is to dl the many tutorials in the movie section, and pick which one you like best.

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    If you want a clean reusable pre loader do this:
    label the last frame in the movie "end" it doesnt matter if its in the first scene or another scene.

    Now place a blank key frame in frame 5 and another in frame 10.

    In frame 5 put this code:

    If Frame Is Loaded (Scene 2, "end")
    Go to and Play (11)
    End Frame Loaded

    (if the last frame is in scene 2)

    then put this action in frame 10:

    Go to and Play (1)

    Now you can put a layer below this layer and put a load movie clip
    in it. Be sure to add a blank keyframe in frame 11 of this layer so the load movie clip will not be
    visible once the
    preload is done.

    Now the best part is any time you need a pre loader you can just copy these frames and drop them
    into your
    movie. All you have to do is put the "end" lable in the last frame of the movie. The other advantage
    to this method
    is if the movie gets bigger your not attached to frames but to a label which should remain at the
    end. regards, Bill

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    Hi all,

    I need to make a preloader for a flash site I am making, i know that they are supposed to look nice and occupy your time until the movie loads..but... how do you make one?

    Is it another scene loaded before the main movie? and is scripting knowledge needed to make the preloader tell the percentage of the downlead completed?


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