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Thread: Flash, browsers, internet connection

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    Flash, browsers, internet connection

    If someone has a dialup connection are they able to access flash content? If not, what options does a developer have to allow dial-up up users to access the site. I really don't like the idea of having a splash page with an html or flash page option. Is there a way around that? What considerations need to be made when designing in flash in terms of accessiblity? What % of users might I be losing, if any? Thanks!

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    Anyone can access Flash content as long as they have the Flash Player download from Macromedia.com. That means almost everyone.

    Dial up users will have to wait a little longer for a larger SWF file to load, but they can still view it. If you go with Flash there will ALWAYS be some people who won't be able to view things, but it will be BARE minimum. I'd say 1-2% in my opinion. Anyone else think around that?
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