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Thread: which font is used on poolballs?

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    which font is used on poolballs?

    I'm looking for the font that is used for the numbers on poolballs

    Especially the number one is typical, because it looks like a little bar.

    Does anybody know which font this is?

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    Although I don't know the font, I can give you a great tip.

    When you're trying to find what a certain font is, (in this case, the one on pool balls) your best bet is to get an image file (gif, etc) that contains (as clear as possible) at least a few letters from that style. The more letters the better, and the more contrast the better. Anyways, go to myfonts.com and click "WhatTheFont?" - It will ask you to upload an image and will actually check a database to see what matches it comes up with.

    I use this every few weeks for jobs.


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    or you might try in the fonts forum


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