Im using flash mx version 6.0 = action script version 1
im not too good with AS, so help me out.
In a stopped frame, ive got a movie clip called bigbill. I have with this code on it:

onClipEvent (load) {
kNbrBullets = 0;
this.onPress = function() {
var mc = this.attachMovie('level1', 'bill', ++kNbrBullets);
mc._x = this._xmouse;
mc._y = this._ymouse;

making it create a new movie clip inside of it when you click on it.
in the same frame ive got a movie clip called wall that has no AS. Ive got another with this script:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
}if (_root.<?***this is where i need help***?>, hitTest(_root.wall)) {

so what do i put there to make is so it gostoandstops (2) when the new movie clips that are being made so that it works? you see, each one has a different instance name, because of the ++kNbrBullets. if you dont understnad please say so. also i can hook you up with the fla if need be.