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Thread: Random clip loading and preloading question

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    Random clip loading and preloading question

    Hi everyone I hope someone can help me with an interesting problem I am having. I have searched the forums for an answer but I cant find anything that exactly applies to the situation I have.

    I am trying to load / preload external movie clips here is the scenario:

    Main movie grabs and preloads a random clip from a selection of 10 external clips.

    Whilst the first clip is playing another random clip has to be selected and be preloading in the background whilst the first clip plays.

    The first clip loops until the second clip is ready to play.

    The process continues randonly playing clips without replaying a previously played clip. Once all clips have been played the process starts again.

    The problem really lies in not repeating previously played clips and preloading the selected clips in the background.

    Does anyone have any ideas?
    All help and sudgestions are greatly appreaciated!

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    This is a similar example... Only 5 movies presently, but it could be any number of movies, and coded so that the sequence repeats at the end of the last movie, rather than moving to the second frame of the main movie and simply stopping, as it does now.

    An unique random array is generated at the beginning of the movie (if you hit refresh while the movie is playing, a new random array will be generated...), which determines the order in which the movies will play...
    Only thing left would be to integrate a preloader, to preload the initial movie, and preload the next one, while the first one is playing... Didn't really bother with that in this example...
    May be a little more complicated to code, if the playing movie must be looped if the next movie is not yet fully loaded... But I guess, by all means, not impossible...


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    Thanks for the reply oldnewby, is there any chance you could email me the fla file for your movie? jon@exetreme.com

    Or could you post it up on flashkit?
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    Any more help still appreciated!

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