We are currently developing our homepage for our new startup company Sharp Web Innovations, you can visit our site which is not public yet at http://www.sharpwebinnovations.com/beta/

i currently have a cheesy flash animation there with crappy music. If someone would like to design a flash animation, please include the name of our company and our corporate phrase "let your imagination dicate your reality". Although i will not give you any money, the best design will (with your permission be put on our site for the entrance.) it will be seen by about 10,000 people daily. Not to meantion i will give you free webspace (as much as you need) with static like you.sharpwebinnovations.com

You may notice that the site isn't super fast yet (it is only on our t3, it isn't slow, just not super fast) we will have 3 oc3 (155mbs) in 2 weeks installed and they will be ultrafast, so you will very much enjoy the free hosting and email address i can offer you, because u will be with one the fastest hosting provider on the internet.

well if you have a flash animation for me, email me a link or if you want to send the file to kizer@sharpwebinnovations.com Sorry about this long post. Best wishes. - Court Kizer