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Thread: Dynamic Textboxes and Alpha Transparency

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    Dynamic Textboxes and Alpha Transparency

    I seem to get this problem all the time.

    I want to make an Alpha-Transparent dynamic textbox.

    What I usually do is make a movieclip, and put a dynamic textbox in it with something written in it.

    If I change the movieclip's Alpha value to 50%, the text is also 50% Alpha, but when the script is running, the alpha value is ignored.

    Can someone explain why this happens and how to fix it?

    I've attached a fla that shows what I mean. At design time, the box's alpha is ok, but when running, it's not.
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    I think it isn't possible to get an alpha working on a dynamic textfield. I have seen this problem posted before here on these boards.


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    mhm, i didn't d/load the fla, but when working with an dynamic textfield AND alpha you'll have to include (embed) the font.

    you can use _alpha directly on the textfield, but you have to set it from script.

    (the dynaminer menu uses dynamic textfields and alpha)

    regards, nGFX

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