Ok heres the scenario. I have a game which at the moment has lets say 30 characters in it each character movieclip has several frames in it all consisting of different walk animation directions. So up, down, left, and right (Its in isometric view i am using the outside of society tutorials).Each frame has an appropriate lable. Now the problem is that in the outside of society tutorial the character is attached to the stage. Now what i have is that when a certian criteria is met i want the character that is currently on the stage to be removed and the next character to be attached to the stage in the same location. Now i thaught about this 2 ways but i cant comprehend on how it would be coded.

1/ Option one, i keep all the movieclips in the library seperate, with linkage names like char1 char2 char3 and so on and attach and remove them. From the stage.


2/ Option two, i place them all in a main container clip and tell the clip to goto frame char1 and tell the movie in char1 to goto and stop in lets say "down".

Which option of the two would be the best and how would i structure it going by the outside of society tuts. Dont really need to much code (but examples do help) just some comments that i can sort of work out myself. Ow and if their is a better way to do it then please tell.

Thanks in Advance