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Thread: seeking copy screen command workaround

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    seeking copy screen command workaround

    i have some documentation
    that i am showing to prospective
    publishers. the work is copyrighted,
    but i want to protect it while making it
    available to selected publishers online.
    (i am thinking i could use email and a
    password system for that)
    if i use flash to create the documant,
    i can disable rightclick, but there is
    still the keyboard command to copy
    is there a script i can use that
    could prevent this?

    or perhaps a clear clipboard command
    that could repeat every frames or so?

    or that would cause them to copy
    something else (like a layered image or
    white noise image)

    any solutions?

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    If it can be shown on screen, it can be recorded.

    I use a product called Wink to do this. It generates a swf file based on screenshots taken every x seconds.

    I don't think there's really any way around this, although at least a password protection system will only let authorised people do this.

    If you embed the password in your flash file, it's fairly secure, although there are ways to dissassemble swf files to get to them. The good thing is that 3DFA flash files seem to be harder to disassemble than Flash MX ones so you'd have to be pretty clued up to do this from a file created in 3DFA. I wouldn't this method for commercially sensitive material, but it would probably be adequate for ameteur needs.

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