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Thread: soften fill edges - simple question

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    soften fill edges - simple question

    Hi there,

    Got a simple rectangle shape - using modify-shape-soften fill edges with setting 20, 20 and inset -- creates a soft edges shape

    What i want to do is the opposite - ending up with a gradual fade to the center, which will end up with solid borders and transparent middle.

    anyone got a quick fix?


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    This is a great question:

    1)Change the color of the shape you're softening, and add a stroke to its outside.

    2)Create a box shape in the color you're shooting for, only make it much larger than the original shape.

    3)Drop your shape onto this box shape.

    4)Select only the stroke, and "cut" it.

    5)Select and delete your shape.

    -You now have your shape (but in negative space) and an outline on the clipboard.

    6)Select the box you made (now with the hole in it) and apply "modify-shape-soften fill edges" to this 'negative' shape.

    7)"Paste in place" the stroke from your clipboard.

    8)Delete everthing outside of the stroke.

    9)Delete the stroke.

    There you have it.



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