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Thread: when people click submit on a form on my website i want it to print out on my printer

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    when people click submit on a form on my website i want it to print out on my printer

    When people click...submit on a form.....when they fill it out ..
    i want it to print on my computer or fax how do i do this ????????????????

    If someone can help me set this up...ill be glad...to imburse them with some $$ via pay pal...thanks

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    are you talking about printing the form on your Server? Your comnputer is your server? if yes then you can probably use a Com Object to do the job, assuming you are using ASP and IIS...

    give us some more details on how the form is submitted, and where it is submitted ? to a server to an e-mail ? ....

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    the computer isn't the server....im talking about hosting some where

    basically how do i tell the server to print the form when its submited.

    which would then print out on my fax or print out on my printer.

    basicaly it sounds like im going to have to build a asp, perl or some type of cgi script to have the page print as soon as the user fills out the form and clicks the sumbit button ( which then should automaticaly print the form on my printer or fax machine)

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    How can your computer know that the form is needing a print, where the script is on the server.. unless of course you attach a printer to the actuall server where the web site is hosted then you may be able to print the form, other then that, there is no way of your COmputer at home get the print action.. i mean just think about it for a minute: web site hosted at a server in california, your computer at home in NY with a printer attached, a user sends a form from Italy to California server, now where your printer and computer fit in?

    the only way to solve this problem.
    is one creating a computer that will reside on your local machine that would contact the server and ask if they are any forms to be printed and go from there, and to do this you will need to build an asp page with database that would save the forms when the user sends them and have your program at your local system contact the server every x hour and get the results,.. and yes this program can be done in flash.
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