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Thread: Combobox loads variable in URL?

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    Combobox loads variable in URL?

    I need to load a variable from a Combobox into the tail end of a

    (script is on same layer as combobox)

    on (change) {
    loadMovie("" +, "1");

    The data set loaded into the combobox is the


    I load external swf's into the various levels of this app.

    Can't get it to work. Am I connecting the variable to the URL in the wrong way?

    I've also tryed putting the entire path/movie name url in the dataset but it doesn't work either.......

    Any thoughts?
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    The three best flash forums, and If you can’t get an answer here try one of them forums!
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    I put this on the first frame, top layer and it works like a dream. Hope the answer helps someone else......

    I also added another function just after this one called listener2 for another combobox on the same stage. It works also.........



    listener = new Object()
    listener.change = function(evt){
    loadMovieNum("" + + ".swf",2);

    _root.sku = "636020" + _root.dms1 + _root.dms2;

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