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Thread: Color themes

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    Color themes

    I'm not sure if I'm in the right spot here, but I'll still try

    I'm working on a pretty cool site, which I can't tell much about, yet. The site consist of little cartoony looking windows. I'm having some troubles in selecting the colors for these windows. The first version had a nice coloured orange looking theme (upperleft). Then I decided to add more color themes for the user to choose from, so I made screenshot and changed the hue in MM Fireworks. That is how the other two left colours were choosen. The problem with these colours is that they're too bright which might tire the visitor or make it even hard to read the text.

    So I been playing with MM Fireworks again, and found out that when I put the saturation to -65 and then play with the hue, some other nice colours (right) are created. These colours look more proffesional, and the text is easier to read; although it's still less colourfull.

    Now I would like to hear your opinion on which colors to use. I want either the Saturation 0 (left) theme, or the saturation -65 (right) theme. Please come with good reasons

    Edit: Oh yeah, you can't see it very good in the screenie, but the background colour should be a tad darker then the inside colour.


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    i think i prefer the themes on the left, as thay are brighter and seem to me more in keeping with the type of site i think you are creating- from the font used and hte style of the boxes i get the impression this is going to be a fun colourful site, and so the brighter colours are more in keeping with this image.

    i think they do need to be worked on a bit though- from this screen shot the bottom one (the blues) is very hard to read.

    i actually really like the middle theme from the right hand side. the colours are still quite bright and the contrast between the text and background is better so you can read it easier. i don't know whether you have considered using that colour theme with the orangey and green ones?

    and possibly calm down the green one a little. not a lot as i like the brightness, but it might be a bit hard on the eyes after a while.

    not sure this is really very helpful or what you were wanting to hear, but these are just my thoughts.

    by the way i LOVE the yellow/orangey theme on top left .....maybe it's comforting because it's similar to flashkit

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