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Thread: Click and load a new movie...

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    Click and load a new movie...

    I love 3DFA -- but I would call myself an expert, especially when programming.

    Here's what I'd like to do:

    When a movie viewer clicks on the movie in the browser, it will load and start another movie that I specify. I don't know how to write scripts or commands to do this.

    Basically, here's what I want:

    movie1.swf is loaded on the website and playing

    when the user clicks on movie1.swf, movie2.swf is loaded externally and begins to play in the same exact spot as movie1.swf

    The reason -- movie2.swf will be much larger in file size and I don't want to cause a lot of page and movie loading time when they access the page.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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    I haven't opened 3dfa in some time, and have been having monitor troubles so I really can't open it, but here is a short simple answer from my memory of how it should work.

    Make a button that will show your child movie, create your child movie and be sure to click download as a seperate swf(or external or something similiar, not sure of the wording). This will allow you to store your child movie seprately and will only show/download when the button to show it has been clicked. The same thing works with different elements of the movies themselves, graphics, sounds etc., simply select to download an external file, and the program does the rest.

    You can do this manually by calling up aseperate swf's into the parent, but by doing so, you lose an amount of control over you child movies.

    Hopefully this helps you some,


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