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Thread: Need SWiSH 2.0 Help (How do I make sprites start @ frame 1?)

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    Need SWiSH 2.0 Help (How do I make sprites start @ frame 1?)

    edit: please read below posts also before checking my swi files

    Click these links for the:
    Flash Example
    swi File

    If you go to the flash example, and roll your mouse over the bottom 5 links from left to right, it looks perfect (except for the ugly animation.) Now try rolling over a few @ random, and you'll see what my problem is. Honestly, I'm not sure why it's not working, it's like the sprites aren't resetting or something unless I do them in order. Please check my swi, I'd love to know what I did wrong.

    Also, as a somewhat-related question, ultimately what I want to do, is have it so that when you roll over "NEWS" the little Gnome on the far left stays the same, while the other 4 pictures fade to 50% opacity. Then when you roll out they return to normal, preferably in another smooth animation. How exactly do I do that? I tried doing it w/ sprites but I ran into the same problem kinda.

    Hope I explained this clear enough. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hmm, some how I forgot to add the on rollout actions, I feel kinda foolish now. Hope that fixes everything.

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    Alright, now my problem is I'm trying to figure out why my sprite animations won't finish playing when I take the mouse off. I thought sprites were suppose to play all the way through unless you put a stop command in the sprite itself.


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    Hi VooDude,

    I think you will be better off to use "tell target" on your sprites.

    I have done a simple tut for you that may help.

    Tell Target
    And here is the SWI file for you as well.

    Hope this helps.

    Ms Pamela
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    Wow, thank you very much for taking the time to do that! It definitely does help.

    However, the attached zip isn't working.

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    Hello VooDude,

    I am glad it helped... I did check the zip file and even had a friend download it just to make sure it works. We have no problem with it. Perhaps if you tell me what error you are getting I could determine if it is your version of winzip or if it is your version of SWiSH that is the problem.

    Ms Pamela
    Palette Masters design
    Oentsjerk Netherlands

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