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Thread: Favorite Color Schemes

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    Favorite Color Schemes

    In accordance with the various 'favorites' threads I've seen recently, thought I'd give this one a shot:

    Examples of your favorite uses of color? I consider there to be two main types of responses:
    1) unique/odd/bizzare but very cool uses of color(pinks, mega bright, ect.)
    2) effective color schemes that are part of the design, appropriate for various uses

    (I'm dealing with a client who wants "contemporary colors", but no idea what they really want when it comes down to it, so I'd love to see some nice uses of colors for inspiration, and just because I thought it would be a interesting to see your favorite colors schemes)

    It may also be prudent to show example of bad use of color.
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    Guess I should start

    Good use:
    http://alliantstudios.com/flash/ - while I've tired of the dark backdrop color scheme, I think this site incorperates the use of white, and a vibrant color(red usually) very well.
    http://chaotic.co.uk/ - not the site, but some of the images have cool uses of color, both on the submersive, vibrant, and creative sides of things

    Bad use:
    http://wa007.com/ - Red is one of my favorite colors, and alot of good can be said about this site, but I think there's just too much bright red and it comes accross as tacky at times.
    I suppose there are plenty of examples of blatently bad color use, but I'm thinking more along the lines of good stuff, but color use just fails in some way. Sharing might help us learn to avoid such traps.

    Color is also one of my weak spots, I think, but such a vital part of design.
    All the normal names were taken.
    Ron Paul was right.

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    er, why was this moved? at any rate, if anyone has an example of a favorite site with cool color usage, please do share
    All the normal names were taken.
    Ron Paul was right.

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