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Thread: So long, 3DFA

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    So long, 3DFA

    Well, now that the 3DFA site has gone down I assume it is safe to mark the end of an era. It was fun while it lasted and while we all have memories of our time using the 3DFA software I am not as thrilled as anyone else here in seeing it go, if you get my point. So goodbye, sayonara, adios and peace out to 3DFA, and good luck in your hunt for the next great flash tool on the Web (Swish Max, perhaps? <<<LOL>>>)

    Wishing everyone the best,


    P.S.: For the record, I am NOT affiliated with Swish Max. I am merely suggesting. Just thought I'd clear that up.
    Jeffrey Davis (3DFA user since 2.x... or was it 3.x?) (Yes, I finally reveal the offline identity of JSDvs9172, being myself of course. Oh, and sorry for stealing your signature idea, blanius, which I see you stopped using.)

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    well im not so sure its all over for us , since the site is down i see no more resone to hide the hacking for 3DFA if youll let me know its ok (and i mean the seniour members such as bretlanious and the other eldars) ,besides ,why should we stop using 3DFA ? , its still operational , and i seriously hope these seniour users wont ditch the forum... please stay among us.
    ok....what ?

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