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Thread: ReRE XML loading

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    ReRE XML loading

    Flash 2004 works sporadically and again failed on larger xml files with large element based menu's at the top. I have part of the solution but not all. I now can load the whole xml file but all of it won't display. I know its loaded because I compared the total bytes of the file to the bytes loaded and compared that to the property value of the file. They are all exactly the same.

    Why doesn't the text file show the whole xml file? the file I used was 82,355 bytes. The fla is attached. Plse psot the solution if you find it. - Goes without saying. I'm bushed its 2AM.
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    I am note sure what is causing the problem (sorry no Flash MX04 at this stage) but one potential problem will be that people with slower machines might time out trying to process that XML file. It might work fine on your fast dev machine but if it takes more than 15 seconds to extract the XML information then it will bring up warning dialog on peoples machines.


    Flash-XML FAQ

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