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Thread: choosing Character

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    choosing Character

    I want to choose two character from the first frame when the person starts the game. I have four characters that you can choose from and then when the player picks two characters it will display in the next frame facing off each other(and eventually they will fight).

    The promblem I have is that I can't get two characters at one time on the first frame when the player starts or picks two characters.

    One result i get is when pick I pick one person it remains and then when I pick the next person the first choice dissappers (smile character and sad character (FLA FILE ATTACHED))

    This is the action script on smile character
    PHP Code:
    on (press) {
    _root.joe2._x 50;
    _root.joe2._y 250;

    The second result I get is when I pick third person it wont dissappear the third character{I only want two at a time} or first choice (evil character and dumn character (FLA FILE ATTACHED)).

    This is what I have attached to the dumn character.
    PHP Code:
    on (press) {
    _root.joe1._x 50;
    _root.joe1._y 150;

    I want two people/character on one frame and then it will go to the next frame and ready to fight(eventually).

    This the action script I have attached to the button when you are ready to go to the next frame and ready to fight(soon havent written action).
    PHP Code:
    on (release) {
    _root.evil.attachMovie(_root.choice_root.choicethis.getNextHighestDepth(), {_x:20_y:5});
    _root.dumn.attachMovie(_root.voice_root.voicethis.getNextHighestDepth(), {_x:30_y:0});

    This is the action script I have attached to second frame to load the movie in position.
    PHP Code:
    _root.joe._x 450;
    _root.joe._y 190;
    _root.joe1._x 75;
    _root.joe1._y 190;
    _root.joe2._x 75;
    _root.joe2._y 190;
    _root.joe3._x 450;
    _root.joe3._y 190;
    I have attached FLA file(its Flash MX)

    Please help me ThanX
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