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Thread: Hide the files?

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    Hide the files?

    hi im making a CD-rom presentation and i want to hide the files, is there a way or a program that can do this for me, and i don't want to hid it just by setting it up as a hidden file cause ppl can just set and show the hidden files.

    i want something more efficient

    will the files work fine?
    its a main swf file and it calls all kinds of files in it.

    thanks in advance

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    Hello Moe and Welcome to Flashkit!

    It depends on what you are hiding. It also can depend on whether you are using Flash to create the projector, as it can affect what can be opened from within a movie.

    Click here for some general tips on hiding .swf files in plain site, and work-around solutions to the "fscommand" issue in Flash Player.

    If these don't help, be more specific on what you are hiding (.swf, .exe, etc.) and how you want it to open (in the movie, in a browser window, etc.)

    Hope this helps!
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