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Thread: humble site review, need feed back.

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    humble site review, need feed back.

    Well...im changining my site from this
    to this www.vpactive.com/vpnewwebsite.html

    I guess the colors seem alil tacky on www.vpactive.com/vpnewwebsite.html , also i was wondering is there a solution for the bar i have on the left , it servers no purpose
    anyone got any cool ideas for this layout...i been kinda stumped putting it together...no colors or anything seems right with it..
    i do take a intrest in the designed logo...looks cool.

    thanks for the feed back guys

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    well ... i realy hate to say this:
    man u were talking about my loader that it's copyed ( false the idea is mine 100% ), your loader is 100% own idea i think, but it's realy anoying. I hate that "blink" effect while it's loading ...

    and your right: the colours you are using don't fit together: light blue with gray ? not my style... maybe other people like it but...

    anyway, the site is real simple, but it's kinda nice ... but why only 3 measly links?

    As you said: "First step to great webdesign.. HONOR THY PHOTOSHOP.."

    good luck in the future!

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    i guess i disagree with the honor they photoshop comment. i think that simple works much better most of the time, and it cuts down on load time. good design and an intuitive nav make for good web design. as for your site, i actually like the colors a lot. i think the problem comes from the images you've used...they really don't gel with the rest of the site. you could try tinting them in PS. also, i'd rotate the logo on the left 180 degrees, to me it seems more natural to read it from bottom to top then top to bottom. also, you might wanna throw a border around the main box, like the light blue one you have around the content window where the nav is. as for the bar on the left, you could either make it smaller, or come up with a graphic using a similar color to take up that space.
    it's all in the details

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