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Thread: Stupid Gradients

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    Stupid Gradients

    Ok, working in MX 2004 ( but I think that it was this way in MX ) trying to edit the gradient of a rectangle, but every time I click on it and go to the "Color Mixer" it changes my gradient. Basically my question/ problem is how do I edit an existing gradient without starting at scratch every time?

    Either this is one of those things that I forget and have to look up everytime or it can't be done! Please tell me I'm an idiot and show the way!


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    by adjusting the gradient, you meant adjusting the color or position or size.
    one way to do is canvert it in to movie clip and change the respective thing through scripting

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    Thats what the color picker is for. Select it and click inside the gradient.

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    The eyedropper. That's it! Thanks I'll go back and start reading the manual for Flash 3 now.

    But wouldn't it be great if the gradient would already be in the gradient bar when you select the object?

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    Yes, it would. It's extremely stupid that it doesn't work that way.

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    When you select the object that has the gradient fill, that fill will appear in the properties palette (next to the paint bucket). Click on that to bring up the color picker pop up/eyedropper and mouseover the blend in the larger box (next to the hex number)... and release... that will make the current gradient active in the color mixer window and then you can adjust it.... hope that makes sense!
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