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Thread: Encoding FLV's - Streaming Them

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    Encoding FLV's - Streaming Them

    Everything you need to know is here: http://www.flvplayer.com/questions.php


    a) Sorenson Squeeze 4

    b) Riva flv encoder(free) http://download.rivavx.de/RivaEncoderSetup.exe

    c) Flix pro/LE

    d) Flash video update 1.2(free) - lets you export directly from After effects, quicktime pro and a few others

    e) flash mx 2004 pro

    f) Macromedia video kit(includes Sorenson Squeeze 4 Lite) - Get your FREE Macromedia Video Kit (a $99 value) when you buy or upgrade to Dreamweaver or Studio and register it online by December 31*. After registering online, you will receive an email with a link to your free video kit.

    Sorenson squeeze 4 has by far the most features, but is the most expensive.(but it does batch processing the best)

    Riva is great because its free and the quality is almost identical to Squeeze, slightly bigger file sizes but only a few k.

    I have not used flix pro or LE

    Flash video update is great but does not have the ability to resize your movie from after effects (greyed out)

    I havent tried exporting from mx pro, too much hassle so if anyone has done it let us know if it is any good.

    Audio:96k stereo fraunhofer mp3
    Method= 2 pass vbr

    Data Rate= 600-800 (combined with audio)
    (small clips 0-2 min) What you should really do is take your target audience max data rate, double it then preload 50% of the movie.
    that way they will never catch up with it and you can double the data rate.

    Frame rate= keep the same as your original clip, and keep it 1:1

    Key frames= double your frame rate should be a good guide for smaller clips

    a) You can NEVER get better quality than your original source footage, so what you should aim to do is lose as little quality as possible. So start with the best footage you can!!!!

    b)try to use raw(uncompressed) footage and convert straight to FLV.
    If it is too big eg. 900mb you might experience problems encoding straight to flv.(i have) so you might have to compress it first.
    I use after effects for this and encode to sorenson 1 or motion jpeg A. I found sorenson 1 to be best as it added a little extra contrast.

    C)NO FADES!!!!!!!!!
    FLV does not like fast motion and hates fades wipes etc.... So use clean footage with direct cuts and dont use hi motion clips.


    You HAVE to use Flash Communication server, to truly stream FLV's from within a flash site.

    or use a flash comm server, if you cant afford your own.

    However with MX 2004 PRO: You can progressively download flv's which is as good as streaming for smaller clips (0- 2 mins)and is FREE.
    (this is what I do)

    mx 2004 pro only: you can use media components if you dont know what your doing.
    or netstream etc if you do

    Regards, Joe
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