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LEt me see if I can find the .fla that goes with this meanwhile.... Just uploaded it for you, called "test.fla"

Did you do this?

1.Give the Proxus player component a instance name of "player"

2.Include the name of the instance of the Proxus Player,in this case "player" in the Proxus flv listner component paramaneters field under the heading "__player"...... type in "player" the instance name of the Proxus player component.

3. Also give the path of the xml file in the proxus listner componet as well under the field "____xml_file" http://www.website.com

4.Give the Proxus listner a instance name of "listner"

Note: ther is a bug when you try to have a first player and a listner, erratic behaivor on the timeline.

Upload and test...
I tried both ways, leaving the default settings for the FLV_player and the FLV_lister, AND, giving each an instance name and making sure they referenced each other.

Reference the bug, does this mean that you can't have a "opening movie" (like the Proxus site does) when the page opens? Wonder how they did it?

Thanks again for your help!